The Head of the Civil Registry Authority Mohammed Baltamir said there are efforts to unite the administrations of the authority across Libya.

Baltamir said in a statement on Thursday that they are also working on developing the quality of the services at the offices of the Civil Registry so that Libyans can receive better handling of their daily requirements from the authority.

“We are also developing the logistic, administrative, service, and technological capacities of the Civil Authority after years of chaos so that we preserve the identity of Libya and all the documents pertaining to it.” He indicated, promising that the next year will show how the re-organizational work helps to provide better services.

Baltamir also said that the authority will open new offices in southern and eastern cities, vowing to soon reopen Tawergha office.

“We have foiled all violations and hacking acts by using a very firm mechanism of work, IDs are now safe and cannot be forged as we have one of the most modern systems in the world to keep it intact.” Baltamir added.