The Head of the High Council of State (HCS) Khalid Al-Mishri has hinted at the involvement of Egypt in carrying out the airstrike on Tajoura migrants' center in the early hours of Wednesday.

Al-Mishri said on Twitter that the country that is presiding over the African Union currently (referring to Egypt obviously) is the one that air-attacked the African migrants in Tajoura, adding that there must be a fact-finding committee from the UN to hold the perpetrators accountable for their crimes.

Egypt has been the chair-country of the AU since last February.

The HCS issued a statement Wednesday condemning the attack in Tajoura, where 44 migrants were killed and dozens were wounded, accusing "war criminal" Khalifa Haftar of the crime.

The HCS called on the UNSMIL to send a fact-finding committee to see the damages done to the lives of migrants and the building that was housing them.

"We have contacted countries and organizations to criminalize this attack, which puts to test the real efforts of the international community in bringing the war criminals in Libya to justice." The HCS added.