Egypt and Turkey are holding meetings at the security and intelligence level to talk over the outstanding issues that hinder the full normalization of relations between the two countries, top of which is the Libyan conflict, Egyptian diplomatic sources told the Al Araby Al- Jadeed website.

The sources revealed that a meeting last week gathered senior officials from both sides focusing on the situation in Libya, in light of international pressure, to conduct the proposed elections on time.

There was no clear sign of changing attitudes from either side regarding the Turkish presence in Libya, though Egypt did take a step back concerning the Turkish Libyan agreement signed during Fayez Al-Sarraj's government, the sources confirmed.

Egypt is talking about Turkish military presence, and Syrian fighters working under the Turkish administration in western Libya and Turkey insists on military support under the umbrella of the training agreement signed with the previous Government of National Accord.

According to the sources, the Egyptian side shifted from demanding the cancelation of the Libyan-Turkish security agreement to freezing it until electing a new authority that could make a decision on these agreements without the Turkish influence.

The sources reported that the Turkish side expressed an understanding of the Egyptian concerns about the foreign forces in Libya, stressing at the same time that Turkey only maintained a small military presence represented in experts and not fighters.

The Turkish side explained that their forces are subject to a specific mission that ends with its completion, namely, training and building a unified Libyan army.

To ease the Egyptian concerns, Turkey showed flexibility by expressing readiness to subject the work of its trainers in Libya to UN or US supervision, which the Egyptian side requested to study and respond to, in a future meeting.