By Egyptian fatwa and Libyan execution, Libyan cleric Nadir Al-Omrani killed after 45 days of kidnap

By Egyptian fatwa and Libyan execution, Libyan cleric Nadir Al-Omrani killed after 45 days of kidnap

November 21, 2016 - 19:47
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

A video posted by the General Investigation Apparatus in Tripoli showed Monday a person named Haitham Al-Zintani confessing to the killing and burying of the member of the Islamic Research and Studies Council of Libya’s Fatwa House and Secretary General of Libya Scholars Association, Nadir Al-Omrani.

Al-Zintani said that they planned the abduction three months ago; adding that a group affiliated with the Special Deterrent Force and is called Crime Fight Apparatus and based in Sabaa district in Tripoli (also known to be affiliated with the Saudi Madkhali ideology) is responsible for the kidnap and killing of sheikh Al-Omrani.

“We planned the kidnap and killing in a place in Sabaa district in western Tripoli and we wanted to kill the sheikh because he presented an ideology different from Salafi scholars and clerics, especially that of Rabee Al-Madkhali.” The confessing criminal stated, adding that the fatwa of killing Al-Omrani was issued by one of the Madkhali radicals – the Egyptian, Mohammed Saeed Raslan.

“AL-Omrani was killed by the chief of the supposedly Interior Ministry’s Crime Fight Apparatus, Abdelhakim Emgaidish, and Ahmed Al-Safi, who is the mufti of the group in Libya and who received the fatwa from Egypt.” Al-Zintani added in the video.

He added that a group from the Special Deterrent Force always holds meetings in which it plots the killing of a number of clerics and sheikhs it considers members of Muslim Brotherhood and Libyan Fighting Group, pointing out that Al-Omrani was one of the people who were chosen to be killed.

“Abdelbasit Ghawila, Mahmoud Ben Mousa, and other Fatwa House clerics in Tripoli were also on the hit list of the radical Madkhali group.” Al-Zintani indicated.

The Special Deterrent Force denied, in a Monday statement, its involvement in the killing of Al-Omrani, saying the man who appeared in the video is not affiliated with it.

“We have no responsibility to bear for the criminality of the person in the video and regarding Emgaidish, the chief of the Crime Fight Apparatus, we say that the force deals with him just like it deals with any brigade or unit that belongs to it or that is under its command in and out of Tripoli.” The Special Deterrent Force’s statement reads.

Most of the members of the Special Deterrent Force are accused of having ties to the Salafi Madkhali ideology, who are also accused of being affiliated with Khalifa Haftar and consider him as the Leader of the country and must not be toppled over at any cost. The followers of such an ideology have formed a number of brigades in the eastern region and have been fighting alongside Dignity Operation forces since its kickoff in May 2014.

Sheikh Nadir Al-Sunusi Al-Omrani was kidnapped on October 06 from in front Al-Fawateer mosque nearby his house in Al-Hadba in Tripoli after he left Fajr prayer before his death was announced by the General Investigation Apparatus in Tripoli on Monday.