Six others were also abducted by a Sudanese rebel group 

Three Libyan citizens from the eastern city of Al-Bayda were killed and another wounded in an airstrike conducted by the Egyptian Air Force in Al-Jaghbub desert on Friday, the city's media center has reported.

The four citizens were on a hunting trip in the remote desert village of Al-Jaghbub near the Egyptian borders when the warplane attacked them.   

The three dead hunters were identified as Husam Al-Shieki, Mutaz Bul Hasia and Salem Fikrien, while the only survivor was identified as Salem Bu Hajar.

The four were found by goods smugglers who reported the incident to their families.

Meanwhile, Al-Bayda Media Center has also reported that six local hunters were abducted in Al-Jaghbub desert by rebels from the Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement.

The Sudanese rebels contacted their families and demanded a ransom of LYD 2 million for their release, the center disclosed.

The helpless families have appealed to Tabu tribe to intervene and secure the release of their beloved ones.