Libya's ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Taher El Sonni, said on Tuesday that many of the speeches at the Security Council were repetitive, holding the member states of the Security Council morally responsible for the state of affairs in Libya since 2011. 

El Sonni said at the Security Council meeting on developments in Libya that he was trying again to convey the voice of the Libyan people, hoping that they would find the answer through the speeches of the member states. 

He went on to say: "In many cases, you have nothing to say. That is why many Libyans give me the task of reminding you of the moral responsibility for the way things have gone since 2011."

El Sonni  pointed out that the Libyan people's questions have not changed and apply to the situation today, explaining that Libyans are facing a dilemma for which they haven't found an explanation, adding that the solution must be purely Libyan with Libyan leadership and ownership, despite the countless direct and indirect interventions. He stressed that Libyans hope to reach consensus and success in all tracks in order to define the features of the state and hold elections.

El Sonni added that the stability of Libya affects the security of its neighbors, pointing out that the situation in Sudan has an impact on the Libyan south and stressed the importance of directing efforts to hold elections in Libya with a clear timetable to end all the fragile transitional stages, hailing what he called the patriotic spirit among the security and military leaders to build trust and unify the military institution.