The General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) has stated that the company is facing technical difficulties which lead to the increase in load shedding hours, noting that measures are in the process of being implemented, which will contribute significantly to improving production successively by the middle of this month.

The company was forced to deliberately reduce production, due to the bad weather and sea conditions, which prevented the loading of fuel tankers at the Gulf, Derna and Al Khums ports until the fuel problem was resolved.

It also indicated that the severe shortage of heating materials, such as gas and kerosene, prompted citizens to increase the demand for electrical energy, especially in the days that are witnessing a drop in temperatures.

The noticeable decrease in natural gas resulted in the loss of some production capacities of some units in the western and eastern pipelines, which amounted to 250 megawatts, the GECOL added, stressing that efforts of the technical staff to overcome these obstacles are ongoing.