The Minister of Electricity of the Salvation Government, Nouraddin Salem, has estimated Libya’s electrical shortage as about 1840 megawatts, saying that Libya needs a billion dollars to solve this upsetting crisis.

Speaking to the press Sunday, Minister Salem said that the reason behind the continuous power outages lies in the deterioration of security and the inability to carry out power generation projects, let alone the damages happened to generating stations as well as power transfer cables in different regions all over Libya.

“The power outages that took place over the past days was due to the inconsistency of providing the power stations with the needed fuel as well as the unprecedented wave of humidity.” The Minister said.

He also added that some projects in the electricity sector have been suspended, such as Ubari steam station that was supposed to provide 650 megawatts for the south, which needs 700 megawatts in total.

In the meantime, Tripoli is going through tough long outage hours that reached 12 hours a day over the past days.