The head of the investigation bureau at the Libyan Attorney General’s Office. Sediq Al-Soor, has revealed that the Emirati officer, who has been arrested on charges of spying in Tripoli, was killed by a member of the Libyan Intelligence Department inside his detention location.

Speaking in a presser Wednesday, Al-Soor said the intelligence member, who killed the UAE’s spy, was also killed in a clash with the security personnel when he resisted them as he stormed into the detention location of the Emirati officer.

“We’ve contacted the Libyan Foreign Ministry and asked it to inform the UAE’s authorities about the incident and to prepare for receiving the body of the officer.” Al-Soor explained.

Tripoli security personnel arrested the Emirati officer on November 11, 2015 after he was a potential suspect while he was traveling from Mitiga airport in Tripoli to Tunisia.

The Emirati officer - a sergeant in Dubai Police Station For International Operations, Yousif Saqr Ahmed Mubarak - came from Tobruk to Tripoli on an internal flight then he stayed in a hotel for days, the investigations showed, adding that he had videos of foreign embassies in Tripoli, including the Turkish one.

Social media circulated days ago photos claiming to be for the intelligence member who killed the Emirati sergeant, saying he killed him after he discovered that some of his colleagues and members of a brigade were meaning to smuggle him out of Libya in exchange of millions of dollars.