The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has slammed Khalifa Haftar and his "military structure" as illegal, saying there's no international accord about him.

Erdogan renewed on Sunday on two different TV channels that Turkey is ready to provide Tripoli any military support it needs after Ankara and Libya’s internationally recognized government signed a security deal in last November.

“We will be protecting the rights of Libya and Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean,” he said on A Haber TV.

“We are more than ready to give whatever support necessary to Libya.” Erdogan added.

He added that the military and security MoU with Libya will be in effect after the Turkish Parliament approves it.

Erdogan said Ankara's measures are bothering some parties that are trying to take control of eastern Mediterranean region in disregard to the international law and Turkish rights, adding that Libya-Turkey MoUs were signed as per the international law regulations.

"The eastern Mediterranean region harbors huge hydrocarbon reserves and we have received information about some firms discovering the substance in that area. We might cooperate with some global companies in that regard." Erdogan explained.