The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said "It is important that the new Libyan government wins its vote of confidence and takes office as soon as possible.”

In a video call with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, Eedogan reiterated that Libya's Government of National Unity (GNU) should start working once the House of Representatives approved it. HoR session for a vote of confidence is scheduled for next Monday in Sirte.

Meanwhile, the German Chancellor reaffirmed the importance of a comprehensive and constructive relationship between the EU and Turkey regarding Libya and other countries in the region, agreeing on the need for full support from inside and outside the country for the establishment of a government in Libya under the leadership of Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, according to Merkel's government spokesman.

On Friday, Merkel reiterated in a phone call with Dbeibah the importance of withdrawing foreign forces from Libya as per the Libyan ceasefire agreement.