The spokesperson for the European Union's Foreign Affairs Policy issued a statement Monday condemning the airstrike that was carried out by Khalifa Haftar's warplanes on a wedding in Murzuq, killing 43 and injuring 60 others.

"The airstrike in Murzuq has claimed the lives of civilians in southern Libya, a region that is already paying a heavy price for the inability of the warring parties to end the crisis." The statement reads.

It indicated that indiscriminate attacks on densely populated residential areas may amount to war crimes and must cease immediately.

"As High Representative and Vice-President Federica Mogherini stated on behalf of the EU on 2 August, those committing war crimes and those breaching International Humanitarian Law must be brought to justice and held to account." The statement adds.

The EU said it expects all Libyans to support the United Nations Special Representative's attempts to relaunch political negotiations and implement a truce on the occasion of the Eid al-Adha.

A drone for Haftar's forces air attacked a gathering - said to be a wedding - in Murzuq Sunday night, which was denied by Murzuq municipal council.

The council blamed Haftar for the "massacres" that had been taking place in the town since his forces entered it last February.

The municipality also blamed the former Libyan ambassador to the UAE Aref Al-Nayed for paving the way for such massacres by flipping facts via his foreign-funded media outlets.

"The UN envoy also bears responsibility for the crime in Murzuq as he considers Haftar's militias a national army, which is way far from truth." The council added.