The European Union (EU) has allocated €26.2 million to promote sustainable economic development, social cohesion and human security in 14 municipalities south of Libya.

According to the head of the Cooperation Office in the EU Mission in Libya, the EU's municipality program has improved access to essential services in 27 municipalities. She indicated that by expanding this program to the south, the living conditions in the region would become better.

For his part, Minister of Local Government Badr al-Din al-Toumi affirmed that the ministry is committed to ensuring continued support for all communities in Libya by responding to their most urgent needs.

"The second phase of the EU's program will bolster the development partnership to support rural development, economic recovery, and stability in the southern parts of the country," the minister explains.

The European Union indicated that the second phase of its program will also contribute to establishing a mechanism for effective access to essential services and infrastructure in education, water, sanitation, and sustainable energy.

The program is also concerned with promoting employment opportunities in sectors of the local economy such as agriculture and construction, besides enhancing the resilience of families and food security, according to the EU.