The EU is preparing to impose sanctions against the Russian mercenary Wagner Group, in addition to eight individuals and three entities linked to it, a senior official at the block said.

According to the EU official, the block's decision, which EU foreign ministers will formally endorse Monday, comes in response to the acts of instability and unrest carried out by the Wagner Group in Europe and Africa.

"What is important in this sanctions package is the names of the targeted individuals and their activities more than their number," a European diplomat said in a press statement, adding that this step is a comprehensive response to the actions of a state harboring Wagner.

He added that Wagner is a private Russian military company used as a tool to destabilize security in Europe and Africa.

It is noteworthy that Wagner is present in 23 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, mainly in Mali and the Central African Republic. It is also accused of human rights abuses in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine.