The Court of Justice of the EU has rejected the appeal against delisting Aisha Gaddafi from the list of sanctions against Libya.

The European Sanctions website said that the Court of Justice rejected an appeal by the European Council to challenge the decision of the General Court to cancel the 2017 and 2020 law, to keep Aisha Muammar Gaddafi on the list of European Union sanctions imposed on Libya.

The site added that the court rejected the request of the European Council to maintain the effects of the 2020 laws for a period of three months with regard to Aisha Gaddafi. 

The European Court of Justice noted that the Council had not sufficiently substantiated its argument that repealing the 2020 laws with immediate effect could seriously and irreversibly harm the effectiveness of sanctions.

The court said that simply claiming in general terms that Aisha Gaddafi may take steps to prevent the freezing measures from being applied again, without the Council providing any additional information or explanation to support this assertion, is not sufficient, according to the US sanctions website.