The European Parliament has called on the EU to impose sanctions on Wagner, a paramilitary group linked to Kremlin, for committing human rights violations in several countries, including Libya.

The EU has imposed sanctions on the founder of the group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, for his involvement in the Libyan conflict, the block's Parliament noted, adding that many companies under his control are subject to US sanctions for supporting Russian paramilitary operations, maintaining authoritarian regimes, and exploiting natural resources, according to the US Treasury.

"Wagner has participated in logistical support and combat operations in support of Khalifa Haftar since 2018. The UN Fact-Finding Mission in Libya also confirmed in its report in October 2021 that Wagner was involved in war crimes, including the execution of civilians, mine-laying operations, and the killing and mutilating of civilians, including children."

The UN report documented multiple and repeated violations of the UN arms embargo and the use of Russian military cargo planes by the Wagner Group; While the support of Russian mercenaries and military to extremist armed groups further destabilized the southern neighborhood of the European Union, the EU Parliament said.

The Parliament reiterated the call made during the Paris Conference for Libya on November 12, 2021, for all foreign fighters, including mercenaries, to leave Libya, urging Russia, the UAE, and all other countries to immediately stop sending mercenaries to the country and withdraw those who are still on the Libyan territory.