The European Union (EU) gave Tuesday Libya logistical equipment to enhance maritime monitoring and operations' control, in addition to launching a mobile coordination center for search and rescue in Libyan waters, according to Italian news agency Nova.

Nova said that an Italian navy ship carried out logistical activities as per the EU project and reiterated support for inclusive management of the borders and immigration.

The project that is funded by the EU is part of building the capacity of Libyans and that is why Italian navy gave them logistical support for a large-scale operation under EU project (Sbimill) that started in 2017.

Meanwhile, Italian website "Editorial Domain" said Rome allocated 10.5 million euros to train Libyan coastguards in 2021, including providing equipment to the Coast Guard authority, adding that the move aims to stop migrants' influx from Africa and establishing a foothold for Italy in Libya for the after-election phase. It also said Rome should think of the money to be spent in Libya in the future amid the presence of power-hungry candidates for Libya elections.