The European Union confirmed its full readiness to cooperate with the Libyan Money Recovery Office, management of recovered assets and provide technical and technological support in this field.

This came in a meeting in Brussels that included the Ambassador of Libya to Belgium, Amal Al-Jarari, members of the joint working team of the Libyan Money Recovery Office, the Recovered Assets Management Office, the Antiquities Authority, representatives of the European Union, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the Regional Institute for Justice and Crime Research, the Office of the Economic Inspector General of the Belgian Ministry of Trade, and the Director General of the Belgian Office for Seizures and Confiscation.

A representative of the European Union expressed the Union's readiness to conclude memorandums of understanding and cooperation with the Libyan Funds Recovery and Asset Management Office, while the Antiquities Authority experts were able to inspect the Libyan artifacts in Belgium in order to prepare a relevant technical report to prove Libyan state ownership and belonging to the Libyan cultural heritage of such artifacts that characterizes Cyrene archaeological area, after which they will be repatriated to the homeland.