The European Union has reaffirmed that the political solution in Libya should be in light of the Berlin Conference conclusions, which are supported by the UNSMIL.

The spokesman for the EU Commission Peter Stano said Monday that the situation in Libya started to change but the stance of the EU that calls for a ceasefire hadn't changed at all.

Stano called on all Libyan parties to return to negotiations as the military solution isn't possible in Libya, adding that the EU encourages all steps for peace and stability in the country under the auspices of the UN and in light of the Berlin Conference.

Meanwhile, the European Union has stressed the need for serious engagement by both sides in the UNSMIL-facilitated 5+5 talks aimed at achieving a ceasefire, hoping that the latest developments on the ground would also lead to a return to the political track.

The EU also emphasized in a statement on Monday the humanitarian obligations of the conflicting parties to ensure the protection of civilians.

The EU also reviewed Operation IRINI and its mandate to contribute to the enforcement of the UN arms embargo as well as its role in curbing illicit oil transactions as exemplified by the disruption of a recent attempt at loading oil in violation of relevant UNSC resolutions by one of the operation’s vessels.