The European Union has welcomed the signature of UNSMIL-brokered agreement in Skhirat, and pledged support to the government resulted from it. 

"A historic step has been taken today towards restoring peace and stability for the Libyan people." A statement by EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini said on Thursday.

The statement indicated that the signature of the agreement by members of the House of Representatives and General National Congress, Independents, Municipalities, political parties and civil society will be pave the way to a peaceful solution to a terrible crisis that has divided, impoverished, and inflicted so much suffering on the Libyan people, and which posed a growing threat not just to Libya itself but also its neighbours, including the EU.

"The EU pledges its support to the upcoming Government of National Accord, and will no longer have official contacts with individuals claiming to be part of institutions which are not validated by the Libya political agreement." The statement reads. 

Unauthorized members from the GNC and Tobruk Parliament signed in the Moroccan city of Skhirat on Thursday the UNSMIL-brokered agreement to form a government of national concord.

The signing of the agreement has sparked criticism among critics and observers for violating the terms of the agreement, which state that the agreement would not go into effect until it is approved by both parliaments.  The government of national concord should be also given a vote of confidence by Tobruk parliament, which did not happen.