The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has warned that repeated explosions from mines planted in and around two of the most populous cities in Libya, Tripoli and Sirte, pose a serious risk for residents.

Euro-Med Monitor highlighted the influence of the Russian mercenary group known as Wagner and the allied forces under the command of Khalifa Haftar, saying Wagner group planted a significant number of landmines in nearby Sirte and the roads leading into and out from the south and west.

"Even after active fighting has died down, the mines cause ongoing injuries and deaths among unsuspecting residents." The monitor said, describing the actions of the mercenaries of Russian Wagner Group.

It said the planting of mines by Wagner resembled ISIS mine planting in 2016 in Sirte , adding that Wagner had planted various kinds of mines - anti-tank mines, classic ones and other types. They were designed to cause damage and harm people in the most heinous way possible, sometimes leading to death.

The latest reports of August say 162 people have fallen casualties to the mine explosions in southern Tripoli: 55 deaths. The numbers contained civilians as well as mine clearance workers.