The European Parliament Chief, Antonio Tajani, has called from Libya's capital on all EU member states o help support Libya in order to become a stable and secure significant partner to them.

Tajani arrived in Tripoli on Monday and met with the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj and other officials in Tripoli as part of the EU efforts to curb migrants' flow through Libyan shores.

"I'm in Libya to discuss the EU role in establishing stability in the country and to provide support for the holding of the upcoming elections. We are ready to assist the democratic transition in Libya." Tajani added.

The European Parliament Chief also called in a presser after his meetings with Libyan officials for a blacklist of people smugglers to be set up to help stem the flow of migrants from Africa to Europe.

"It's become significantly important to establish a blacklist of the major traffickers so that police and law enforcement in Africa and in Europe can work together on a common objective," he added.

He also said that there will be some 500 million euros added to the European deposit insurance scheme to be spent in Libya.

"We're going to form a commission to pay visits to Libyan health institutions, especially those of children and we're going to send in some European specialists to help Libyans: mainly children in dire health conditions, let alone allocating some scholarships for the outstanding Libyan students." Tajani added.

Tajani visited Libya's Naval Base in Tripoli and other areas, including some migration shelter centers and met with different officials from the Tripoli government to have a panoramic vision on the current status quo.