The foreign service's military committee of the European Union (EU) recommended in an internal memo to the ambassadors of member states in Brussels recommended that Operation Irini should remain until at least 31 March 2025 in light of the worsening instability in Libya.

EUObserver website said Operation Irini was concerned about the conditions of refugees, according to the memo, which added that the rule of law, human rights, women's peace and security agenda as well as gender should be systematically integrated and mainstreamed in all Operation Irini's activities.

The memo also acknowledged that Irini's efforts to improve the standards of the Libyan Coast Guard's work had failed, calling for considering other alternatives and saying that the UN arms embargo on Libya "is being breached, particularly by air and land, based on available intelligence, undermining the operation's efforts on the high seas."

The report indicated that Turkey is part of the problem, as diplomats in the EU indicated that Irini cannot share data with NATO due to the Turkish conflict with Cyprus.

The committee said it was also concerned about Turkey's systematic refusal of Operation Irini's request to inspect merchant ships flying the Turkish flag, adding that if Turkish ships could come and go while others were stopped by EU patrols, it would raise questions about the neutrality and the effectiveness of the operation.