The Economic Working Group of the International Follow-up Committee has called for a compromise on the budget bill, renewing the support of the international community to help advance consensual efforts.

The Co-Chairs of the Economic Working Group (EWG) called on the Government of National Unity (GNU), the House of Representatives (HoR) and other Libyan actors to find realistic compromise solutions and lay the foundations for measures that help move forward in unifying the country and providing services to the Libyan people.

This came during a meeting, which was attended by the UN mission coordinator in Libya, Risdon Zeninga, European Union Ambassador, Jose Sabadell, US Special Envoy Ambassador, Richard Norland, and Egyptian Ambassador, Tharwat Selim.

The aforementioned figures met with Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Dbeibah, representatives of the GNU, the HoR and the Central Bank of Libya (CBL), to discuss the budget crisis and discuss options available to meet the urgent needs of the country.

The mission quoted the Co-Chairs as saying that progress in the budget bill could be an important step towards an additional political settlement and consensus within the urgent political needs of the political phase.