The Presidential Council held an expanded meeting on Wednesday to follow up on the government's commitment to transparency and the quality of expenditure, according to a statement by the PC media office.

The PC Head, Muhammad Menfi, chaired the meeting that included PC members Musa al-Koni and Abdullah al-Lafi, Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, the Governor of Libya's Central Bank (CBL), Saddek Elkaber, and the head of the Audit Bureau, Khaled Shakshak.

The gathering comes nearly three months after the last session, held on August 23, in which the PM and the CBL governor reviewed the bank's observations regarding government spending.

On Tuesday, Dbeibah instructed ministers, undersecretaries, and heads of public agencies and bodies to limit escort and protection convoys to only two cars and not to display weapons carried for protection except for necessity, in respect of the citizens and rationalizing government spending.

It is noteworthy that government spending from January 1, 2022, to September 30 of the same year had exceeded 70 billion dinars, according to data from the Ministry of Finance of the Government of National Unity, compared to revenues of 79 billion dinars.