The land border between Libya and Sudan has been closed from both sides, while Sudanese and Chadian security patrols roam the border strip to prevent any attempts of infiltration, the Libyan News Agency quoted eyewitnesses as saying on Wednesday.

Sudanese nationals residing in the Wahat area near the southern borders of Libya said they noticed no changes in the traffic movement through the borderline.

Meanwhile, charitable organizations in the desert oasis of Jalu confirmed their readiness to provide aid and assist refugees fleeing neighbouring Sudan.

Kufra Municipality announced on Monday the formation of an emergency chamber to oversee the reception of potential refugees and ensure the rapid response of the relevant offices and organizations.

Since the clashes erupted weeks ago, the fighting between the Sudanese army and its paramilitary rival, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), killed over 500 people and injured thousands of others.

The violence has forced tens of thousands to flee their homes to safer places in Sudan, with over 50,000 crossing overland into neighboring countries, according to UN figures.