The Association of Families of Martyrs of the Abu Salim Massacre called on the Libyan judiciary to quickly end the massacre case file, issue the pertaining rulings, and achieve justice, adding in a statement issued after the second forum of the Transitional Justice Movement, that the judiciary should not release any of the defendants in the case until the final ruling is made.

It also called for the activation of the Transitional Justice Law issued in 2013 regarding transitional justice to ensure that such a heinous crime is not repeated and to guarantee the end of criminals’ impunity.

The Association reaffirmed its complete rejection of the steps taken by the Presidential Council regarding excluding the families of the victims and excluding them from national reconciliation dialogues, considering that the national dialogue must include all the conflicting parties, especially the families of the victims, who have rights guaranteed by law.

It also called for support for the transitional justice movement, pointing out their efforts to achieve the goals of the movement, declaring their adherence to the principles and goals of the February 17 Revolution, which are achieving freedom, justice, and respect for the rule of law.