The families of fighters killed in the defensive battle during the 2019 aggression on Tripoli have voiced criticism of the judicial authorities' procrastination regarding the criminal procedures against those involved in the aggression.

Kamal Al-Jamal, head of the Association of the Martyrs' Families of the Volcano of Range Operation, said that the judicial authorities did not apply the code of criminal procedures against the perpetrators of the aggression against Tripoli.

"Despite hundreds of families of martyrs filing lawsuits concerning the aggression on Tripoli, the Office of the Public Prosecutor did not initiate a public lawsuit against the perpetrators," Al-Jamal said in a televised statement.

He accused the Public Prosecutor's Office of neglecting reports on findings of the state attorneys general, who were assigned with this task during the period of aggression.

Al-Jamal stated that some parties attacked the families of the victims in front of a court because of their demand for the judicial authorities to expedite the criminal case against the offenders.

According to Al-Jamal, the President of the Supreme Court asked the Presidential Council to address the International Criminal Court not to prosecute war criminals in Libya.

He said the government had suspended the committee's

 work to follow up on cases pending before the International Criminal Court.

It is worth noting that the Fact-Finding Mission revealed in a report that it had obtained accurate evidence, documents, and data about the perpetrators of crimes in Libya.