The spokesman of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives, Faraj Abu Hashim, confirmed he is still acting as the spokesman of the HoR, pointing out that the decision of the Speaker, Aqilah Saleh, to appoint the head of the HoR’s media department, Abdullah Belheeg, in his position is illegitimate.

In a statement, Abu Hashim said he was appointed as a spokesman in an official session of the HoR members, and thus the dismissal decision should be taken in a similar mechanism.

“The HoR has not convened any session with full quorum for ages neither inside Tobruk nor outside it because it is suffering from chaos and arbitrariness that are resultant from Aqialah Saleh’s decisions. He thinks he is a manger of a firm and the MPs are but some employees he can fire or replace any time he pleases.” Abu Hashim indicated.

Abu Hashim stressed that he is still in his post as the spokesman of the HoR, saying the reason behind such a decision is that he contradicted Saleh’s opinions, reaffirming that he and the rest of the MPs are still keen on convening an official HoR meeting inside or outside Tobruk in order to endorse the UN-proposed government.

“We delayed our meeting session in Ghadames in order to leave the door open for some initiatives and then have a look at their outcomes.” He elaborated.

It is noteworthy that Aqilah Saleh had ordered that Abu Hashim be dismissed as a spokesman of the HoR, replacing him with Abdullah Belheeg, the head of media department at the HoR.