The Research Council of the Libyan Fatwa House has welcomed the signing of the declaration of principles by the General National Congress and the House of Representatives in Tunisia.

In a statement late on Wednesday, the Research Council urged the revolutionaries’ senior leaders, political activists, and the elders’ councils to give their unconditioned support for the declaration as a way out of the current crisis.

Likewise, the Municipality of Al-Khumus and Zlitin elders' Councils issued a statement Wednesday to applaud the notion of resorting to the independence constitution as stated in the GNC-HoR signed declaration of principles, reaffirming that it is necessary that all of the political and social institutions in Libya give their support to this declaration.

In addition, the Return for Constitutional Legitimacy Movement strongly stressed in a statement on Wednesday as well that all Libyans must give full support to this declaration and that there should be a plan for a transitional phase in which the parties conduct a poll on the Libyans to see opinions about how the political regime should be like.

Representatives from the General National Congress and Tobruk Parliament signed late on Saturday a declaration of principles to end the political conflict in the country.