The Fatwa House has denounced Bashagha's move to overturn the administration based in Tripoli, considering it an armed coup to gain power.

The House’s Research Council blamed the parliament’s government headed by Fathi Bashagha for the clashes that erupted in the capital Tuesday, which it said terrorized civilians and spread chaos.

A statement released by the Council on Tuesday called on the Government of National Unity to abide by its duties towards maintaining security and stability in the region and to hold all those involved in Tuesday's events accountable.

At another level, the Fatwa House expressed its bewilderment at the response of some foreign missions in Libya.

It said it was "surprised by the statements issued by the US Embassy and the UN mission, which equate the internationally recognized government with those who turn against it by force of arms to gain power, and almost ignited a fire of war and strife inside the capital, the extent of which only God knows."

The Council underscored that the country's salvation lies in dissolving the House of Representatives and the High Council of State, and going to parliamentary elections on constitutional grounds.

"The country will never be at peace while these bodies (HoR HCS) remain perched on the chests of the Libyans, extending their terms, plundering the nation's wealth, and enabling criminals to seize power."

It also commended the security battalions for their quick response in defending the capital, warning that consorting with the 'aggressors' in any way is a sin in Islam.