Libya’s Fatwa House (FH) urged in a statement Thursday the specialized state institutions and security officials to assume their responsibility in stopping banditry crimes and road robberies as well as kidnapping innocent people, especially children, to blackmail their families.

The FH warned of the perils these crimes connote as they are committed by highwaymen and robbers that have been stripped of all humane and religious sensibilities, pointing out that forming emergency courts that would exact the penalty of banditry against one or two cases could bring back security and safety to Libya.

“Libya’s Mufti and FH had previously called for urgent courts to be formed and to be specialized in road robberies and banditry crimes, but the specialized judiciary and executive bodies did take the needed heed for those calls and the Justice Minister justified his rejection to the FH’s call by saying there is a lack of justice standards inside the emergency courts.” The FH statement reads.

It also indicated that there are many kidnap cases that are unknown to the families of the kidnapped persons, referring to the abduction of a little baby girl, who got killed as she tried to escape from the kidnappers last Wednesday in Tripoli. In addition to the kidnap of two kids from the Koran memorization lessons at the mosque’s door in Al-Jibs district, and a lot more, The FH added.

“We call on all of the Libyan people, mayors of Libyan cities, Shura councils, notables, mosque imams and preachers to help save the lives of the innocent and stop the bandits.” The FH statement explains.

Banditry, robberies of travelers, and abduction of children have been on the rise lately, especially in certain districts, which have been a harbor for the outlaws using them as a profession to make a living amid the absence of law and deterrent punishment by the state institutions.