Fatwa House declares Daesh a "cancer", issues urgent call to help Sirte residents

Fatwa House declares Daesh a "cancer", issues urgent call to help Sirte residents

August 15, 2015 - 13:42
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Fatwa House has called on the General National Congress, the General Staff, the Salvation Government, the revolutionaries and all Libyans to stand by Sirte people's side and help them in their fight against what it says the brutal organization.

The FH called, in a statement Friday, both military personnel and civilians, capable of taking up arms, to move to Sirte and defend the residents of the residential area 3, who were subjected to persecution by the so-called IS (Daesh) militants.

The statement warned all Libyans of the perils brought to society by Daesh group as it steadily gasps for destroying the Islamic nation with its shallow ideology and groundless points, which makes this group similar to “a cancer” according to the statement.

The FH also indicated that the atrocities Sirte locals have gone through so far are no less than a flagrant and unjust violation of Islamic teachings by “the soldiers of Al-Baghdadi State” as the statement called it, adding that their ill-gotten ideology violates the sanctity of the Muslim social codes as they keep defaming Islam by claiming to be its representatives.

In what seems to be an indication  to Dignity Operation, the FH urged those who are fighting innocent Libyans, on the pretext of fighting terrorism, to lay down their arms and point them at the real enemy Daesh.

“We demand a cease of fighting on those who are claiming that they are fighting terrorism and in fact they are just using the term to help them oppress Libyans once again by setting up a new kingdom of tyranny, yet we urge them to take their guns away from the heads of their fellow Libyans and point them at the so-called IS (Daesh) groups wherever they exist because it is the real enemy.” The statement reads.

The Fatwa House concluded the statement by urging all Islam preachers and Sheikhs to confront the Daesh (IS) despotic and oppressive groups and to unveil its wrongdoings to the public to be fully aware and warned of it.