The Tripoli-based Research and Studies Council of Fatwa House called on the General Staff of the General National Congress to back up the Benghazi Shura Council revolutionaries, urging all revolutionary fighters to apply the orders of the General Staff by joining the fight with their fellow fighters in Benghazi.

In a statement Wednesday, the RSC reaffirmed that the gathering of remaining Gaddafi forces and the Tribes Army fighters alongside Khalifa Haftar’s forces in Benghazi aims to force back the military grip on people.

“The General National Congress and Tobruk Parliament should be given a full support to enable them to reach an agreement that can save the country from destruction and division.” The statement reads.

It also called on Cyrenaica tribes to support these reconciliation efforts and disown Haftar’s forces, sending at the same time a praise message to Al-Kufra locals applauding their courageous defeat of the invaders and praising the reconciliation they effected with the southerners in Ubari and other cities.

“What Derna residents had done in Derna evidenced indisputably that the revolutionaries are capable of saving their country from terrorists and radicals without enlisting foreign military intervention.” The RSC added.

It urged as well the whole world to support the right side in the Libyan crisis and to condemn the random destructiveness of Haftar’s forces against civilian neighborhoods as well as his barrel bombs that destroyed most of Benghazi houses.

“The revolutionary brigades in Tripoli and its surrounding districts are responsible for coordinating with the government in its efforts to secure the country." The statement elaborated.

The RSC concluded the statement by saying that the Central Bank of Libya and the commercial banks ought to find immediate solutions for the lack of liquidity in all banks across the country for the citizens to be able to provide for themselves and their families.