The Libyan Federalist Bloc condemned in a statement Monday the abductions and enforced disappearances toward some of the federalist activists in Al-Marj and Shahat cities, which are controlled by the so-called Dignity Operation forces.

The Federalist Bloc called on Tobruk Parliament and Al-Thanni Government to put an end to the excessive assaults on freedoms by non-judicial authorities, urging as well Al-Thanni’s Interior Ministry to investigate into the issues to identify those who are behind the growing kidnaps and disappearances over the last period.

Recently, Dignity Operation forces have conducted several arrests that included many activists and bloggers, such as Ali Al-Asbali, Ahmad Al-Hawaz, Al-Mayar Al-Arfi from Al-Marj, in addition to the Derna Municipal Guard’s delegate, Faraj Al-Shoushan, who was kidnapped from Labreg airport Monday. They were all kidnapped because of their anti-Khalifa Haftar views.