Lawyer Hanan Barasi has been killed on Street 20 in the city center of Benghazi in eastern Libya as gunmen have opened fire on her once she got out of her car, sources from Benghazi said Tuesday.

The sources said the gunmen were in three cars and then three men were seen getting out of the cars and shooting Barasi on a busy Benghazi street.

The lawyer said many times that she had received murder threats if she would keep on talking about the misbehavior of officials in Benghazi.

Barasi has been accusing officials in eastern Libya of corruption and stealing public money, appearing in social media footage lately with women accusing officials under Khalifa Haftar's command of sexual harassment in order for them to get the money allocated for their late husbands who died fighting for Haftar in Tripoli war.

Despite being a staunch Haftar supporter, Barasi started a campaign of criticism lately against the warlord and his sons, threatening in her last footage to scandalize Saddam Haftar's military promotion and his family's newly-gained wealth.

Two days ago, the lawyer appeared in a footage saying her daughter escaped a murder attempt, adding that she would say who is behind it amid attempts of pro-Haftar officials to silence her.