Heavy clashes between rival armed groups broke out in the Libyan capital of Tripoli on Friday.

Brigades loyal to Fayaz Sirraj-led Presidency Council and rival brigades aligned with the Salvation Government of Khalifa Al-Ghawiel exchanged heavy fire early in the morning in Abu Salim, Hai Damscus, Al-Hadba, Salah Eddine, Hai Akhwakh, Hai Nasir and Bab Ben Ghashir neighborhoods.

Plumes of black smoke billowed from the areas of clashes while intermittent loud explosions could be heard across the capital at the moment of writing this report.

A random shell hit the Libyan branch of Mellitah Oil Company (ENI) in Dahra district causing fire in the upper floor. The fire was extinguished by the National Safety Department.

Rockets also fell on Hadba Prison where senior Gaddafi officials are held. No casualties were reported. The prison officials said they came under attack by armed gunmen trying to free the inmates, but they managed to repel them.  

A video shared by social media activists showed tanks and armored vehicles  moving in Abu Salim.  

The Libyan Red Crescent advised the locals in the areas of clashes to stay at home and published telephone numbers for emergency.