More than 15 people were killed and 25 others injured in fierce clashes that broke out in the eastern city of Ajdabia on Tuesday.

The 4-day clashes between Dignity Operation militants and Ajdabia Shura Council, a coalition of anti-Dignity Operation, took place in several parts in the city, in what seems to be Benghazi-like street fighting.

The city's Red Crescent called on the warring sides to stop the fighting to allow its rescue teams evacuate some families who were caught in the crossfire in the center of the city.

Around 75 families have been already fled the fighting areas, the Red Crescent confirmed.

The city's municipal council has appealed for calm and self-restraint as pro-Dignity Operation member of the council Abdulmonem Al-Zwai killed in Friday clashes.

Ajdabia fighting was fuelled by Mahmoud Jibril, chairman of National Alliance Forces. A leaked phone call between Jibril's personnel aide Noureddin Abu Shaiha and Ajdabia's top tribal leader Saleh Latwish discussed how to conduct the fighting and the type of support that can be provided.