Fire has consumed 70 percent of trees in 3 palm farms in the city of Kufra, southeastern Libya, while firefighting teams struggled to extinguish it with weak capabilities.

It was reported that fire broke out in the Kufra region, due to high temperature this summer rising well above 40°C.

An official with the National Safety Authority told Anatolia News Agency on Monday, “On the second day of Eid al-Adha, high temperature within the hot mass that the country is witnessing caused the outbreak of large fires in the city of Kufra, some of which went out of control due to lack of capabilities.”

 "Fire destroyed three palm tree farms and destroyed 70 percent of the crop." the official added.

"Fire destroyed thousands of palm trees during this summer, which will have a very negative impact on the environment on the one hand, and on the local production of agricultural crops on the other hand" he stressed.

Earlier, the National Center of Meteorology (government) expected that “the weather will remain summer in most regions, however, temperature will be moderate in coastal regions, though it will be above its seasonal averages during the day (peak time) in the interior, central and southern regions.”

The center indicated in a statement that temperature will be high in the city of Kufra, reaching up to 42 °C.