The Libyan Army personnel and forces of the Volcano of Rage Operation under the command of the Government of National Accord (GNA) have issued a statement marking the first anniversary of Khalifa Haftar's offensive on Tripoli, which took place on April 04 2019, saying they are continuing the fighting against the aggressors and will eventually build a civil state and fulfill the aspirations of all Libyans.

The statement says the Libyan Army rejects military rule and the oppressor's - Haftar - rule in Libya with the help of "evil axis countries" which are depriving Libyans of their long-awaited civil state and security.

The Libyan Army personnel said they have been fighting for the greater good of the nation and to defend its people against the aggression, adding that they will do their best to defeat the aggressors across the entire country.

"We are working on building a civil state, which will be protected as per a constitution that is chosen by all Libyans. Meanwhile, the military institution should remain out of the political disagreements and disputes." The statement reads.

It called on the international community to sanction the countries supporting Haftar and his "terrorist militias" and to heed their violations of human rights, adding that it should stop dealing with criminal Haftar as a legitimate or political party.