The First conference of pro-civilian-state February revolutionaries was held Wednesday under the slogan: "Improving Libyan Army and Activating National Guard Law".

The head of the preparatory committee Al-Taher Al-Gharabli said they aim to consolidate the civilian state in Libya after the military coup led by Khalifa Haftar and his foreign backers.

Al-Gharabli said the conference aims to improve the capabilities of the Libyan Army so the forces who are defending the civilian state can join through the National Guard and the Special Backup Forces apparatuses, adding that February revolutionaries extend their hands to friend and neighboring countries which wish to take part in building those apparatuses.

The commander of the Sirte-Jufra Operations Room Ibrahim Baytelmal said the formation of an apparatus of February revolutionaries had become urgent, promising to speed up the formation of the National Guard.

"The battle against coup plotters must continue until all of Libya is liberated. Support and supplies should be provided to all frontlines in order to achieve these goals." The final statement of the conference said, adding that the preparatory committee held meetings over the last five months to discuss legal issues, especially (Law 02 of 2015) of the General National Congress to form a National Guard.

It added that the draft of the National Guard law will be sent to the Head of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord Fayez Al-Sarraj for approval.