The sons of the renegade General, Khalifa Haftar, Saddam (Photo L) and Khalid, received military ranks despite being civilian individuals without any prior involvement in military academies or institutions.

During a ceremony that saw their Father Khalifa Haftar bearing the Marshal insignia that was given to him as a promotion by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aqilah Saleh, Khalid Haftar wore the captain’s insignia, while Saddam wore a First Lieutenant insignia.

Later, Khalid was promoted to a Major and Saddam appeared in a graduation ceremony for the armed forces in Jordan wearing a captain’s insignia.

Several pro-Haftar military leaders and civilian consultants and aides are from Al-Furjani tribe, which is his own birth clan, besides, the special guard brigade that is securing Khalifa Haftar and his family is headed by two civilians named Ayoub Al-Furjani and Bassim Al-Furjani.

When Haftar defected from Gaddafi’s military after he fell captive to the Chadian army, he was a colonel, but he was promoted to a General by the Transitional Council during the 17 February revolution, then he gave himself the ranks of Lieutenant General and Marshall respectively during his war on Benghazi.

Before the revolution, Gaddafi’s sons got exceptional military promotions that event did not fit their ages at the time.

For instance, Al-Saadi Gaddafi was promoted to a General at the age of 38, yet their promotions were a bit near logical as they were graduates of military academies unlike Haftar’s sons.