The media bureau of the Operations Chamber of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos confirmed that its forces laid firm fists on Al-Wishka town, which is located 25 km east of Abugrein district to the east of Misrata and 280 km from Tripoli.

The media offices added that the forces are now clashing with IS militants in Al-Khamseen checkpoint, 50 km to the west of Sirte amid an air cover by the air force of the General Staff. 

Earlier on Tuesday, the operations room announced that it had controlled Abugrein Preserve and checkpoint after heavy clashes with IS militants.

On the other hand, according to the latest statement by Misrata central hospital, it announced that it had received 7 dead bodies and 21 injuries, most of whom departed after receiving the necessary treatment.

Meanwhile, the media bureau of Al-Bunyan AL-Marsoos operations chamber stated that colonel Ibrahim Abdel Alli, the Chief of the military engineering brigade, was among the deaths of Tuesday clashes.