A foreign warplane conducted airstrikes on besieged Ganfouda neighbourhood of Benghazi late on Monday leaving two families dead, Saraya Media has reported.

The media outlet of Benghazi Shura Council said the airstrike targeted a residential building and led to the killing of 7 civilians from the two families, one Libyan and the other Egyptian.

"A Libyan woman and her three children were killed in addition to an Egyptian woman and her two children," Saraya Media confirmed, adding that the father of the Egyptian family was severely wounded.

It also indicated that there are other bodies under the rubble that are yet to be identified.

Ganfouda is under siege by Dignity Operation militias who banned local residents, including many foreigners, from leaving.

On Friday, Amnesty International warned that life of hundreds of locals and foreigners in Ganfouda is at risk of death due to the airstrikes, shelling and blockade.