Forces of Ibrahim Jodran's so-called Petroleum Facilities Guard have withdrawn from the oil crescent region in east Libya, hours after retaking Sidra and Ras Lanuf oil terminals from Dignity Operation militias.

The Defence Ministry in the UN-proposed government indicated that foreign warplanes have played a key role in defeating PFG forces.

The PFG accused Egypt and the UAE of bombing their forces near the residential district of Ras Lanuf. Four PFG fighters were killed in the airstrikes, local media reported.

“There are strong indications that UAE and Egyptian warplanes have bombed PFG forces in Ras Lanuf and Sidra, we are now making sure of these indications,” Defence Minister-designate Al-Mihdi Al-Baraghati told Ajwa Net.

In July, French warplanes intervened to rescue Dignity Operation from an imminent fall after Defend Benghazi Brigades advanced toward Benghazi. 13 DBB fighters were killed in the French airstrikes in Jilidiya district, 60 km east of Ajdabiya. The DBB halted their advance as a result.

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