The Libyan Foreign Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Mohammed Sayala asked Wednesday his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov for Russia's support for the withdrawal of foreign fighters from Libya.

The demand came in a joint press conference for Sayala with Lavrov in Moscow, where he was invited to discuss the latest Libyan military and political developments.

During talks with Lavrov in Moscow on Wednesday, Sayala expressed GNA's worries about the seizure of some of Libyan oil revenues at a bank account that "doesn't provide any benefits to the Libyan people".

Sayala also said that the visit of the Egyptian delegation to Tripoli came too late, adding that the GNA wanted to have Egypt close to the parties in order to help in confidence-building.

Sayala said the GNA gave the electoral commission in Libya the needed budget for the December 24, 2021 elections, adding that fighting terrorism was just a pretext for the negative intervention of some parties.

The Libyan Foreign Minister also called on all stakeholders, whom he said "once made their bets on military solutions", to reconsider their stances and support peaceful solutions as well as help in the withdrawal of foreign fighters.

In the meantime, Lavrov reiterated the need for Libyans to make a historic decision for national reconciliation and building of their country, adding that Russia is always interested in helping Libya resolve all of its problems.

The Russian Foreign Minister indicated that he and the Libyan Foreign Minister also discussed international community’s efforts in supporting Libyans, in addition to boosting bilateral relations in all fields, including the military one, between Libya and Russia. He also hailed the role of the GNA in releasing the two Russian detainees in Tripoli.