The spokesman for Libyan Foreign Ministry Mohammed Al-Giblawi has denied the news on social media that said money was stolen from the bank account of the Libyan embassy in Washington, saying it was a fraudulent act by a US citizen done through military attaché's bank account that is separate from the embassy's account.

The spokesman added in a statement for the Foreign Ministry that the Libyan embassy in the US managed to regain the money in October 2018 and it was done when the Audit Bureau' committee was present in there and it hailed the act the embassy.

Al-Giblawi said the news surfaced now because the fraudster was sentenced to 20 years in prison, urging all social media and media outlets to look for truths before publishing any news.

A US citizen of Egyptian origin, Ahmed Kanan, used the Libyan military attaché's bank account details to pay for his taxes.

Kanan used the routing and account numbers of the bank account belonging to the Libyan embassy's Military attaché to make the tax and utility payments in 2017 for his gas stations, meanwhile; US prosecutors say the value of the transactions was $227,206.