The Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation is giving foreign workers a month to settle their status as part of efforts to regulate foreign labour in Libya.

All employers in the public or private sector, as well as foreign workers, will have until July 1 2021, to apply to settle their status, according to the ministry's resolution.

The ministry called on those concerned to obtain medical clearance from the centers designated by the Health Ministry.

In order to be eligible for the ministry's new policy, applicants need to have a contract of employment approved by departments of the Labour Ministry and to register with the Tax Authority and the Social Security Office.

They also need to have a residence permit from the Passport Authority, issued for the purpose of work based on the consent of the Labour Ministry.

To complete the settlement of the status of any worker, the ministry stipulated that the employer needs to certify that the profession is allowed to be filled by non-national elements, per the Minister of Labour's decision No. 590 of 2013, regarding the addition of some controls to its decision No. 170 of 2013.

The Ministry of Labour warned to implement all strict legal procedures against violators in accordance with the laws and legislation in force.