Four foreigners and two Libyans were freed from ISIS prisons in Libya's Sirte.

The foreigners were identified as "Lee Yong" (58) and "Seo Young Ju" (56) from North Korea, and "Kira Keshuna" (40) and "Palarma Kishen" (53) from India.

In a video posted on social media on Wednesday, "Lee Yong" said they had been detained for 16 month inside a small room.

"They detained us in a room inside Ahmed Ibrahim's house, no sun, no light," he said.

The two Koreans apparently are the couple who were abducted by ISIS in May 2015 in Al-Noufleya, eastern Sirte.  

Meanwhile, calm is prevailing in most of Sirte's front lines as the radical ISIS group has been cornered in an area of 1 km2 in some parts of residential area 3, sea-view Jiza apartment buildings and 600 neighborhood.