The British newspaper, The Times has reported that the former chief of staff of Boris Johnson government, Mark Fullbrook pressured British government ministers including the foreign minister then, the current Prime Minster, Liz Truss in favor of the Bashagha parallel government assigned by the House of Representatives.

The story began when Fullbrook arranged for Bashagha’s visit to London without the approval of the Foreign Ministry, according to the Times.

The visit prompted the intervention of the British ambassador who explained that Bashagha had not been the guest of the British government, the Times explained.

Fullbrook also contacted the government when the Bashagha plane was flying in a waiting mode over London Airport amid unspecified paper problems.

Fullbrook was paid by the lobbying firm "Fulbrook Strategies" between April and June, in exchange for launching a foreign campaign on behalf of Bashagha targeting British ministers and government officials, while Fullbrook admitted that he lobbied ministers during this period on behalf of the Libyan House of Representatives.

Speaking to ministers, Fulbrook claimed that Bashagha is the "legitimate prime minister" of Libya, as part of a paid campaign to change the UK's foreign policy.

It is reported that Fullbrook is currently the special advisor to British Conservative Prime Minister Liz Truss.